Mohamed Sobhy El-Morsy

Ph.D. student

Mohamed El-Morsy is a Ph.D. student at McMaster University. Mohamed finished his B.Sc. in Structural Eng. at Cairo University (2016). Then, he worked as a part-time Teaching Assistant at Cairo University in the Structural Eng. Dept. while working in the construction field. Before joining McMaster in 2019, he was working as Project Manager at Nabetco for Construction and Real Estate, managing multi-million construction projects in Egypt. Mohamed earned his Master’s degree from Cairo University in 2019. His Master’s research included studying Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques for concrete cracks identification and detection; he developed a concrete cracks detector based on Deep Convolution Neural Networks (DCNNs). Currently, his research focuses on integrating Machine Learning (ML) techniques in various civil engineering applications. In addition to Mohamed’s engineering experience, his passion for knowledge and technology lead him to Co-Found TEDx Cairo University student organization in 2015. Mohamed is an ambitious athlete, he is Egypt’s national parachuting champion (2012), and GBI Egypt cycling team member. Also, he joined multi-national teams from 40+ different countries in India (2013), Brazil (2015) and China (2016) and worked together on voluntary community development programs with locals in Chandigarh, Florianopolis, and Guangzhou.