Canadian Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Resilience under Seismic Systemic Risk (CaNRisk).
The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) CaNRisk Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) program aims at generating crucial interdisciplinary knowledge that will continue to be in demand especially as Canada’s dependence on fossil fuels is reduced. Through its knowledge mobilization approach from the academia to industrial applications, the program will position Canada as the world leader in nuclear infrastructure resilience under extreme events and develop the next generation of industry leaders in Canada and internationally.

Vision & Mission

With our nuclear infrastructure systems across the glob being made up of a network of interconnected and interdependent systems, global disasters have demonstrated the need for a disruptive Vision to create innovative holistic interdisciplinary solutions that require experts from different fields to work together, outside their own silos, to mitigate seismic risk to the global nuclear infrastructure. Through the above vision, our team members’ Mission is to train the next generation of experts to ensure the system-level resilience of nuclear infrastructure systems under cascading hazards.