Seminar entitled: Resilience of Nuclear Power Plants under Seismic Risk: Recent Challenges

On Friday, April 21, 2017, CaNRisk CREATE team has successfully organized a seminar entitled: “Resilience of Nuclear Power Plants under Seismic Risk: Recent Challenges” as part of the CaNRisk series for the Resilience of Nuclear Power Plants.

Presented by: Ayman Saudy, PhD, PEng
Senior Technical Expert, Amec Foster Wheeler-Nuclear Canada

Abstract: One of the recent developments in mitigating the consequences of seismic events for new/existing nuclear power plants is the inclusion of ‘Design Extension Conditions’ or DECs within their design. The main design objective is enhancing the plant resilience during earthquakes that are either more severe than design basis earthquakes or that involve failure of additional safety systems and subsequently eliminating risk of potential radionuclide release. Ground response spectra originally used as design basis for existing plants are exceeded by recent findings of site-specific Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment. Therefore, depending on their recurrence probability, such seismic hazards are classified as design extension conditions. The presentation aims to familiarize the audience with the engineering design and analysis activities supporting seismic risk assessment and resilience of safety-related structures, systems and components in nuclear power plants and nuclear facilities in general. In addition, practical case studies will be provided to illustrate requirements, methods and procedures, stipulated in various codes and standards developed recently within the Canadian nuclear industry.