CaNRisk-CREATE provides a unique multi-modal cross-disciplinary training experience.


The CaNRisk-CREATE program is designed to deliver a unique interdisciplinary educational program taught across four disciplines that will enable trainees to work at the interfaces between Nuclear Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Environmental Engineering, so as to equip the next generation of leaders to work towards the safety, risk management, and resilience of nuclear infrastructure systems in Canada.

CaNRisk-CREATE program also aims at training the next generation of highly qualified personnel who are technically capable, through hands-on industry-relevant research, of both translating and integrating research results from these different disciplines by capitalizing on the CaNRisk-CREATE program research team’s unique collective expertise in science and engineering and on state-of-the-art research facilities.


Because of the cross-disciplinary nature of the academic training program areas and in order to develop solutions and technologies that can be mobilized beyond the academic realm to industrial applications, the academic training presents only one component of the overall CaNRisk-CREATE program training program.

University-based training will be complemented by industrial internships that will enable the CaNRisk-CREATE program trainees not only to receive hands-on experience and understanding of the importance of their academic training, but also to tailor their CaNRisk-CREATE program training experience to meet immediate and future industry needs for both technical and professional skills. 

Soft Skill

The CaNRisk-CREATE program is designed to equip each of the trainees with soft skill sets that, in addition to their research and education experience and their industrial internships, will enable them to be the next generation of leaders in the global energy sector.

The CaNRisk-CREATE program trainees will take several short courses related to Communication; Effective Networking; Project Management; Strategic & Business Planning; Entrepreneurship & Intellectual Property; and Publication & Proposal Development. In addition, CaNRisk-CREATE program provides different platforms for the trainees to showcase their achievements to different audience.

The CaNRisk Seminar Course is designed to enable the trainees to gain insights into the multitude and complexity of nuclear industry challenges as well as governance, regulatory and business environments in Canada and globally.