Howard Shearer

Howard Shearer

Chief Executive Canada, Hitachi Canada




BSB-136 (Burke Science Building), McMaster University.


The Consequences of Decisions One makes in life’s journey have far reaching impacts on Society’s development, Quality of Life, as well as a nation’s Capacity to Build Wealth. Are there significant consequences to be borne from choosing a particular discipline? The appearance of multiple disruptive technology solutions is not only a result of frontier Research and Development in one discipline, but rather the integration of ideas, achieving multidisciplinary synergies across multiple verticals and in some instances multiple modalities. Silos are an inhospitable environment for success; no longer can one ignore that success can be realized only when the social as well as the technology ecosystem converge from a state of co-existence in a universal tug of war. In the Knowledge economy engineering studies are major catalysts in enabling students to frame the future. One should not impose limits on ambitions, but instead embrace the foundation engineering studies provide to explore and create disruptive solutions regardless of areas of study.

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Speaker: Howard Shearer, B.Eng. (Electrical) Chief Executive Canada, Hitachi Canada
Date/Time: Jan. 19th, 12:30 – 1:20 pm.
Location: BSB-136 (Burke Science Building), McMaster University.
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